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Construction & Temporary Access Control


Access systems provide security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter or leave your site and when.  They can also provide detailed record of access—invaluable and indisputable as evidence in many kinds of HSE and criminal investigations as well as contractor disputes.

The Permanex Group prides itself on offering the most comprehensive access control solutions for the construction site, temporary installations, and void property security in the UK.You have a wide variety of options with us. We offer full plug-and-play drop cabin solutions as well as proximity & finger biometric options that can be situated on half or full height turnstiles; single or double, on a base plate, in a cabin; or be administered from web-based or stand-alone panels.

Permanex’s access control system software is just as sophisticated as the hardware. Our software was designed to generate detailed reports—a crucial component of secure and thorough site management. Compiling such essential information on payroll data, competencies, postcode reporting, carbon footprint analytics, and even delivery programming, the data reports add a valuable, if not vital, layer of protection to your overall security program.

Proximity Card Access Control System


Our proximity card access control system provides reliable entry- and exit- monitored control. The professional software we use allows for roll call and muster reporting, including time sheet and anti-pass-back capabilities. The desktop card-reader allows instant log-on access. To make the system user-friendly, our software also allows you to customize your database, including photo ID and personalized card design.

Fingerprint Biometric Access Control System

Construction sites and temporary installations are notoriously difficult to manage. It’s not enough that there are millions of complex details to execute in a given day, but there is also the added burden of managing subcontractors.

ievo biometric fingerprint reader

The Permanex Finger Biometric Access Control System allows both site and project managers better control of their work force on a given site, thereby increasing the productivity and profit margins for our clients. While the hand biometric system was once the norm, we have found that finger biometrics are more reliable, more economical, and less prone to vandalism.


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Smart Design, Exceptional Security Technology

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Fingerprint technology vastly improves door entry security, completely removing the risk of cards being passed to third parties. Our iEvo system is minimalistic in design. Designed to be user-friendly and vandal-resistant, our IP65-rated system can be used both internally and externally, whether flush or surface mounted. Its ergonomic design is favored by architects, and it’s availability in a variety of colours means it can integrate into your construction site or temporary installation discretely. Beyond the conveniences of the thoughtful design, the real advantage of the iEvo is its superior security technological capabilities. By using spectral imaging, the reader is able to obtain fingerprints though such obstacles as dust, dirt, water, oils, and even latex gloves. In addition, the iEvo offers Wiegand outputs for interfacing, is networkable, and even has a thermostat-heated sensor when used outside.

At Permanex, we have built our reputation on responding to the ever-changing intelligence systems of the security industry. You can always count on us to be using the latest, most up-to-date, and sophisticated security systems available for protecting your construction site, temporary installation, or void property.

Permanex IQPass Mobile Access Control Cabins

access-control-mobile-drop-cabin-events-building-sitesThe Permanex IQ-Pass mobile access control units are patented access control solutions for individuals and vehicles. IQ-Pass develops, manufactures & supports innovative solutions for construction, industry, security and events.

The IQ-Pass product range is based on the combination of rapid deployment – 'Plug & Play' installation – with heavy-duty construction, advanced access control systems and time registration software.

The IQ-Pass Control Gate is an integrated solution for site security, access control & time registration. The IQ-Pass Control Gate provides a solution for Health & Safety requirements as well as worker registration.

The IQ-Pass Control Gate has been specifically developed to provide a mobile, heavy-duty & sophisticated solution for tough environments in construction and industry.

The IQ-Pass Control Gate provides a professional and imposing site access, with the security standard turnstiles and advanced access control system only permitting access for registered visitors. In addition to recording numbers of visitors on site (for emergencies), this integrated system also includes time registration software that records hours on site per card-holder and can be linked to payroll systems.

Turnstile access and all real-time data can be managed on site from the guard office, or remotely by internet.



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Construction industry theft in the UK is thought to produce losses in the region of between £600 million and £1 billion per year. This may be due to lapses in procedure or the absence of effective security measures. British Security Industry Association

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McGee Group

The McGee Group traditionally used only manned guarding on our sites as we were sceptical about the use of cameras. The security that Permanex provided proved to be incredibly successful and deterred a number of break-ins over the life of the project. As a result most of our sites now have Permanex cameras on them, the service we are given is second to none and we highly recommend Permanex as an alternative to manned guarding.